Five Questions Starting with 'Should I blog?'
By Paul Krantz

Many professional writers and not-yet-paid scribes have discovered that blogging is a powerful communication strategy.  So have perceptive business executives, busy moms and passionate hobbyists. All have discovered that others respond enthusiastically when you share the hard-won fruits of your life experiences.

Before you answer the question -- Should I blog? -- you’ll need to answer four questions that are more important:

1. Am I an expert? You don't need a Ph.D. to be an expert. You do need to have a reservoir of experience. Ideally, that experience reflects the arc of a great story: enthusiasm at first, followed by trials and troubles. But, eventually, success!
The test: Friends, relatives or associates regularly seek out your advice and opinions. 

2. Do the ideas flow like water? A successful blog is a conversation. A neglected blog is a lull in the conversation. Once readers drift away, enticing them back is hard. That's why it's so important to pick a topic that sparks your passion.
The test: Ideas for your blog pop into your head spontaneously from that first cup of coffee in the morning until your head hits the pillow at night.

3. Am I a quick writer? A great blogger needs nothing more than average writing skills and common sense.  In fact, the writer who labors over every turn of phrase will quickly become overwhelmed. A reasonable grasp of grammar is helpful, but it is more important to feel comfortable jotting down the words you hear in your mind's ear.
The test: You can easily knock out 500 words in a couple of hours (one hour on a good day).

4. Do I have the time? There is no magic number of posts per day or week. Great blogs include ones updated several times a day, and others that are updated once a week. Trouble starts when you try to maintain a posting schedule that falls at either end of this range.
The test: You are willing to stick to a strict posting schedule -- without exception.
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