My Clients/Case Studies

I work primarily with top-shelf integrated marketing agencies and publishers. Below are a selection of the organizations I have served and, for each, a sample of the brands I have contributed to.

Below my client list, you'll find several case studies from the past year. 

Agency: Meredith Xcelerated Marketing

Description: Meredith Xcelerated Marketing is a digital and customer relationship marketing agency with the proven ability to create measurable marketing programs that are focused on building customer engagement through the use of content and innovation. 
MXM Clients

Publisher: Better Homes and Gardens

Description: In distinct editorial voices, the Better Homes and Gardens family of Meredith Corporation brands addresses the core categories of home, health, family and personal development. We support and inspire the reader, serving her needs and celebrating her joys.
BHG Clients

Agency: The McCormick Company

Description: McCormick Company is a fully integrated agency. Our staff of communication professionals delivers a total package of communications that is impactful, connected and analytically proven to work. McCormick proudly delivers this integrated model daily to several Fortune 500 companies and many top national and regional brands..
McCormick Company Clients

Publisher: New Track Media

Description: New Track Media is an integrated consumer enthusiast media company with operations in publishing, digital media, broadcasting, video, licensing, merchandising, e-commerce and events.
New Track Media Clients

Agency: Lexicon Consulting

Description: Lexicon in Des Moines, Iowa is an award-winning custom content marketing firm. We help our clients connect with a target audience by creating valuable content relevant to the goods and services they provide.

Lexicon Consulting clients

Case Studies

Client: Market-leading Regional Grocery Chain

Reach: 500,000-1,000,000 circulation.
Roles: I have served as Project Manager for two years. My responsibilities include working with the Editor-iin-Chief to develop story concepts; hiring freelance writers, copy editors. proofreaders and fact checkers; working closely with all team members, including  the Editor-in-Chief, Art Director, food editor and interns.; makng changes and corrections to layouts in InDesign; and writing one feature per issue.
Challenges:: Ensuring that all health claims are supported by peer-reviewed studies and nationally recognized experts. The client deploys a large team to critically review every word and picture in each issue, so precision is critical in every aspect of the project,

Client: Award-winning Direct-to-Consumer Horticulture Marketer

Description: The client publishes two 4-color catalogs annually, ranging from 48-56 pages each. The company produces and markets a unique collection of live plant materials, including trees, shrubs, and perennials. The goals of the catalogs are to drive sales, support the brand and educate current and prospective customers.
Reach:: 1,000,000+ circulation.
Roles: I have served as Project Manager for seven years. My responsibilities include organizing the product list; planning the layout of the catalog based on inventory and profit potential; working with the Designer to ensure proper product placement and display; write product descriptions based on notes provided by the client; and proofreading at each stage of production..
Challenges:: This project comes with a compressed schedule, making it a challenge to ensure that each of 800 SKUs are displayed according to the client's marketing department. 

Client: National Hobbiest Publisher and Marketer

Description: The client publishes numerous magazines and books for hobbiests and maintains a continually updated editorial website. The goals of the website are to extend the brand and promote sales of magazines, books, and ancillary products.
Reach: 80,000 to 120,000 unique website visitors per month
Roles: I have contracted as Website Editorial Manager since 2010. My responsibilities include adapting and uploading monthly magazine text and images; manipulating, sizing and optimizing images; posting special content (video and PDFs); troubleshooting and correcting HTML errors; working with the client's IT, editorial and customer service  departments to ensure a positive visitor/customer experience; researching and reporting client's interactive-advertising effectiveness.
Challenges: The biggest challenge is "gaming" the client's content management system to achieve editorial objectives without violating protocols developed by the IT department.

Client: Global Manufacturer and Marketer of Infant Nutrition Products

Description: The client publishes a series of 20 consumer mailers. The goals of the mailers include educating consumers about the client's products and cementing brand loyalty.
Reach: 1,000,000+
Roles: I have served as Proofreader for two years. My responsibilities include proofing mailers at each stage of production on an as-needed basis.
Challenges: The extensive regulation of the infant nutrition area requires proofing materials with an eye toward meeting legal requirements.

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