Thoughts on Thought Leaders
By Paul Krantz

My friends, I don’t know if corporations are people.

But I have no doubt that companies of all sizes behave like people. They can be brave or timid; smart or dumb; forward looking or stuck in the past. And companies can commit to their principles or hop on every bandwagon (and bail the minute the road gets rough). Today I’m going to talk about the bandwagon called “thought leadership marketing.”

A thought leader is a preferred information resource, the top-of-mind authority on a particular topic. Think IMDb (for movies), Trip Advisor (for travel advice) and Wikipedia (for almost everything else).

When you are a thought leader, near-term success is measured by Google search results and long-term success is measured by increased sales, growing margins and customer satisfaction.

How to become a thought leader

The most effective way to become a thought leader is to commit to principled content curation across all interactive channels. This ensures that the best content reaches current and prospective customers.

The most powerful drivers for thought leaders are:

  • Expertise (articles/videos/online tools)
  • Comments (opinion/feedback/product reviews)
  • Customer-first attitude (helpfulness/humility)

Rules of Curation for Thought Leaders

1. Curate honestly - offer information the customer needs or wants
2. Take all sides - welcome positive feedback and respond to complaints
3. Live everywhere - create a brand image across all media
4. Be free - no limits on who can access content, no walled gardens
5. Stay friendly - talk like a person, don’t be evil, make access easy

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