What services do you offer?

Here's a list of the services I provide. Click the links for more detailed information:

What do you charge?

I don't have a rate card. I work with each client to develop an action plan that works for their budgets. If you'd like a fast, free, no-obligation estimate, send me sample files and a note about what you'd like me to do.

What's it like to work with you?

I am very easy-going and will quickly  form productive relationships with each member of  your team. Even with impossible deadlines, I remain calm and productive. I am also very responsive to email and phone calls, and I don't turn off the worklight at 5 p.m. or on weekends.

How would you work with me?

I willl work with you to develop an arrangement that gets the job done right, on time and within your budget. For some clients, I work exclusively at my office. In other cases, I work exclusively  on-site (Des Moines, Iowa, metro) or a mix of office and on-site. I can work a set schedule or on an as-needed basis. 

What experience do  you have?

I started as an associate editor for home-building and quickly moved on to department head for Better Homes and Gardens magazine (Health/Education/Parenting/Humor) and then to founding executive editor of Better Homes and Gardens Online.

I became president of Vercene, Inc., in 2006. Since them I have worked with award-winning integrated marketing companies of all sizes. Vercene has helped maximize marketing communications for dozens of national brands.

Check out my Clients/Case Studies page for a list of brands I have worked on and several  case studies from the past  year.

Who would be working on my projects?

Me. I have no employees, so when you hire Vercene, you hire me. However, I can tap a network of talented designers (print and web), writers, photographers, proofreaders, copy editors, and fact-checkers.

What is your payment policy?

With most of my clients, I accept  their standard payment policy. I prefer that funds be direct desposited to my business account, but also take checks. I do not take credit cards. For most jobs, I send an invoice after the client has accepted the work. For longterm projects, I invoice in installments.

How quickly can you turn around a project?

Because I am free of the normal office distractions, I can often finish your project faster than your own staff.  You tell me when you need it done, and I make that happen. If I feel I can't make your deadline for any reason, I'll let you know before accepting.

Are you really a corporation?

Yes, and I have the lawyer and accountant bills to prove it. I chose to become an S Corporation for the benefit of my clients. You should talk with your own legal advisor, but my status as a corporation may reduce paperwork on your end (no W-2s to file or taxes to withhold) and can make it easier to show that I am  an independent contractor.

Can you design a website for me?

No. But I know HTML (the language of the internet), which is needed for working with most content management systems. I can also recommend some excellent web designers; I have no financial relationship with these firms, so you will need to negotiate your own business relationship with them.

Do you work with images?

Yes. I can crop and resize images and optimize them for web use. I can extract images from PDF documents if you don't have the oiriginal image files. I don't perform complex color corrections or "retouch" images. If a request is out of my comfort range, I can direct you to a trustworthy, experieinced designer.

Are you PC and Mac?

I am skilled in both. In my office, I use a PC, but for on-site work, I often use a Mac. Most eiectronic files can be read by either system, so incompatibility is not a problem in most cases.

Do you work with InDesign, Quark or other page layout software?

I have a good handle on page layout software, and often use these programs for flowing in text and making proofreading or fact-checking changes. I can also pull together simple page designs in InDesign. However, I am not designer (though I try to convince designers that I am)   so if you are looking for A-level design (and I hope you are), you'll be best served by a reliable, experienced designer. I can recommend individuals who are talented and easy to work with.

How would we move work between your office and ours?

For electronic files, the most common solution is email. If you have a large number of files for me, ftp is a good fit. (This is something your IT department can set up.) Extremely large files are best transmitted using an online file transfer service like Dropbox.

For hard copy, I can pick up work in the central Iowa area. For clients outside my pick-up area, overnight delivery via FedEx or UPS is the way to go. I do not accept faxes.

What style guide do you follow?

For most of my clients, I use AP style. If you need another, or more specialized, style guide (such as APA style), I can use that source. If you have your own style guide, I can use that. If you don't have an internal style guide, I can work with you to create one.

Do you accept small jobs?

I handle many small jobs. My minimum charge is one hour at our negotiated rate, but I often waive that policy for long-term clients.

Is it true you are perfect?

This is a scurrilous rumor spread by my enemies. So if you find a typo on my website, blog, or  twitter feed, take a deep breath and enjoy a frisson of schadenfreude. No one can guarantee perfection, and I certainly don't.

How can we get started?

The best approach is to send me a brief description of the project you have in mind and the deadline to complete the work. 


4 reasons to work
with Vercene Inc:

  1. You're in control.
  2. I help small staffs shine.
  3. Corporations are people, my friend.
  4. Compared to the cost of brand damage, my rates are a steal.

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