Here are the tasks I perform in proofreading. Not every task is performed every time. Tasks marked "Query" or "Suggest" are flagged for the editor.

  • Correct spelling errors
  • Correct grammar errors
  • Verify legal lines/regulatory compliance
  • Suggest clarifying changes when appropriate
  • Check folios, department heads and page references
  • Ensure that images and captions are correct 
  • Query all potential issues with sensitivitiy to the stage of production
  • Fix or query style violations 
  • Check links, names, phone numbers, addresses
  • Query design issues
  • Typos and spelling errors
  • Improper word choice (e.g.: accept/except, capital/capitol)
  • Subject/verb agreement
  • Possessives/contractions/plurals
  • Misplaced modifiers
  • Punctuation (house style)
  • Hyphenation (house style)
  • Missing words
  • Capitalization
  • Bias-free language
  •   Abbreviations/acronyms
  • Numeral usage (house style)
  • Spacing/extra spaces
  • URLs and phone numbers (house style)
  • Trademarks and registrations (house style)
  • Product references (house style)
  • Pagination
  • Cover/interior blurbs
  • Page references
  • Directionals and turn-tos
  • Photo captions
  •  Footlines and folios
  • Widows and orphans
  • Indentation and alignment
  • Line and letter spacing
  • Type size and fonts
  • Tables, graphs and charts
  • Heads and subheads (house style)
  • Pull quotes
  • End bugs (if used)
  • Geographical names and references
  • Names of celebrities, TV shows, movies, books, songs, etc
  •  Source names (consistent with house style)
  • Phone numbers and websites verified
  • Style manual preparation (added cost)
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